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Rental Agreement

***Frequently Asked Questions******  (SCROLL DOWN FOR POLICIES/FEES)


Q: Do the carts plug in or do I need dry ice?  

A: Yes they plug in, all the ice cream can stay inside the cart if the cart is plugged in, even for days. If you do not have access to an outlet, you can use the dry ice.   

Q: Can I pick up my cart instead of paying for delivery?   

A: Yes. If you have a pickup truck or minivan, you can pick up from our location. For events that fall on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we have pickup hours on Thursday & Friday Between 11am-5pm.  Drop off is on Monday.   

Q: What is the delivery fee?   

A: When placing the order on the website, at the very end of the checkout process it will calculate the delivery fee based on the address of the event from our office in Auburn Hills.   

Q: Can I just rent the cart without ice cream?   

A: Yes. There is an additional $25 charge added to the cart without a minimum of 5 Boxes purchased. That can also be found under the “Rentals” Section of the website.   

Q: Where do I find the prices/choices for the ice cream?   

A: All the ice cream choices and prices can be found on the website under “Ice Cream List”.   

Q: How can I place my order? How do I know if the date is available?   

A: You can place the order start to finish on the site, we can do the order over the phone if necessary. Easiest way is on the site as everything is automatically tied in with our systems and calendars. You can reserve the cart online, and add ice cream later on with a separate order. Or you can place everything at once. If you are having your cart delivered, you can pay for the delivery/setup at the time of booking the cart, and choose the pickup at our location option when you place the order for the ice cream, that way you are not charged twice for delivery/setup. 

A2: When booking the cart, and selecting the date range, if a cart is not available, it will not let you add to the shopping cart. If it allows you, we have one available for that date.   

Q: What is the delivery/pickup schedule for the carts?   

A: Most carts for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday events are dropped off as early as Wednesday, and as late as Friday. Depending on location. We will call you the week of the event to let you know which day we will be delivering. Pickup Mon/Tues.   

A2: Carts at parks/venues that require same day pickup and drop off, are subject to a Same Day Delivery fee. Price varies, please call/email for information. 248-289-1170.  


Any questions not answered here, please feel free to call or email. or (248) 289-1170. 


Deposits/Payments :   Booking on the website requires payment in full via credit/debit card. 

For Schools/Businesses requiring checks, please call 248-289-1170 to be invoiced. A deposit is still required.


For phone orders, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of reservation. Remaining balance due two weeks prior to scheduled event for all orders. Invoices will be sent via online payment through our secure portals.  This deposit is non-refundable. Equipment/Items reserved may not be cancelled or reduced 30 days of date of rental – otherwise it is subject to a full charge. Security deposits may be made with cash, check, or major credit card. Booking on the website will require you to pay in full. If event is cancelled you will receive everything besides $75 back on cart rentals, unless the event is less than 30 days. Then you will be subject to the full charge. 

Loss or Damage: You, the customer, are responsible for all equipment rented from time of receipt until of time of return. Please be sure that all rented equipment is secured when not in use, and protected from weather. Equipment loss or damaged will be charged at full replacement cost. 

Inspection of Equipment: If equipment / items are not suitable and in working condition you must notify Detroit Metro Ice Cream at once. We can be reached for emergency after hours by calling 248-766-3212. Not reporting such cases can result in full charge to you. Once we are notified of a problem, we will rectify to the best of our ability as soon as possible. 

Hold Harmless: Customer is responsible for any loss or damage to customer’s property during the period of this rental agreement. Customer is responsible for all possible occurrences and agrees to hold Detroit Metro Ice Cream/ Intents Events harmless from any and all loss, claims, demands or liability for personal injuries and property damage resulting from the use and operation of this equipment.  

Equipment Cleaning: All equipment must be cleaned before our return for pick up. Ice Cream carts must be unplugged, defrosted for about 30 min, then a wipe down of the interior of the cart, and removing all crumbs, wrappers, etc. It is not a trash can, any trash, bags, boxes left behind inside the cart are subject to a $35 fee. Melted ice cream left in the cart, subject to $50-99 fee. DO NOT LEAVE STICKERS, TAPE RESIDUE, SIGNS ON OUR CART UPON RETURN. YOU WILL BE CHARGED.  

KEEP EQUIPMENT COVERED: All equipment must not be left out in inclement weather. No equipment should get wet.  

By reserving online on our website, customer agrees to have read and agree to follow the policies and procedures set forth in this agreement. Also, customers agrees to pay any additional fees associated with violation of said terms. 


Fees Recap: 

Returning Uncleaned Cart(With Crumbs, Water, Boxes, etc.) - $35

Returning Cart with Melted Ice Cream Inside - $75

Returning Cart with Stickers, Tape Residue for us to Remove - $75

Returning Cart with Broken Lid - $299-599

Stolen Carts, Non Returned Carts, Lost, etc - $1250-1499.

Broken/No Umbrella - $99