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Wholesale Dry Ice

We now sell dry ice direct in bulk quantities for both public and commercial uses.

Some common uses for dry ice include:


Ranch Wells
Dry ice is used by ranchers to improve water flow in their wells.
Oil Industry
Dry ice has been used in the oil fields for years to clean tank bottoms. When paraffin, sludge, build up, a chemical is added along with dry ice to stir-up the tank bottom. This breaks out the liquids and separates water from oil in paraffin mixtures so that water can be removed and the oil saved.
Dry Ice when combined with hot tap water can produce vigorous bubbling water and voluminous flowing fog for use in rock concerts or Halloween displays.
Doctors use it to remove warts and mole and to aid in the transfer of supplies, samples, and other sensitive materials throughout a medical facility.
Funeral Homes
Funeral homes use it as a more economical way to preserve bodies prior to a viewing or funeral. By doing so, they are able to skip the expensive and messy embalming process.
Dry ice allows asphalt to remain at its required temperature while being transported from site to site. It also removes oxygen from tanks that are dangerously flammable. This reduces the risk of flammable vapors catching fire at a construction or manufacturing facility.
Pest Control
If your home has bed bugs, mosquitoes or other types of crawling pests, this materialcan be an effective method of ridding your home of these pests.


Wholesale Pricing For Dry Ice

1 to 100 LBS - $1.40/LB cash transaction (credit card +.10/LB)
100+ LBS - $1.15/LB cash transaction (credit card + .10/LB)

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